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Are you responsible for social media for a government agency?

Almost 80% of government agencies have seen a rise in social media engagement in the last two years. The problem? Agencies are struggling to keep up with public expectations!

We bet you can relate to this pain point and the other challenges government agencies face on social media, like the lack of resources to manage the program and lack of cross-departmental collaboration. Download this report and discover the Four Guidelines for Making Social Media more Manageable, and learn how similar agencies are evolving to overcome these challenges.

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Handling government social media is a big responsibility! Employees have too many opportunities for unintended missteps and challenges along the way.

Hootsuite asked nearly 300 public sector professionals how they were feeling about handling social media, including the top challenges they face, and their answers might surprise you. Download Hootsuite’s report above today to get these insights and more!

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As social media is getting more complex, so are staffing challenges with managing it. Does this problem hit a nerve?

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