GSM Credits – Terms & Conditions

Updated 06.30.22. The following terms apply to the purchase and use of GSM Credits in addition to the general GSM Terms & Conditions that are applicable to every purchase on this website.

Expiration and No Refunds

  • GSM Credits are nonrefundable.
  • GSM Credits will expire 5 years after purchase. Any unused credits will be removed from the owner’s billing account and there will be no refund for unused credits.

Use of GSM Credits for Products that are Fully or Partially Refundable

  • If a product is purchased in full or part using GSM Credits, and the product itself is refundable subject to the dates and requirements set forth in the product’s refund schedule (such as event tickets which may be fully or partially refundable by a certain date if all requirements are met), then the portion paid using GSM Credits would be credited back to the account owner’s billing account – not a cash refund for GSM Credits.

Using/Redeeming GSM Credits

  • The owner of the billing account used for purchasing the original GSM credits will be able to redeem them during any future checkout after purchase.
  • The billing account owner must be logged in at the time of redemption.
  • The billing account owner may choose to register themselves or others for events. During checkout, GSM Credits may be applied to the total order.
  • After redeeming GSM Credits during checkout, any remaining credits will be available in the billing owner’s account for future use.
  • The billing platform will not allow you to apply partial credits (i.e. If your cart has $1000 worth of products in it, and your GSM Credits are $500, you cannot choose to apply only $400 GSM Credit as there is no option to enter the amount you wish to apply. In this scenario, you would need to apply the entire $500 GSM Credits and pay the remaining $500 via credit card or check.)

Limits of Liability

  • GSM will not be held responsible or liable in any way for the use or misuse of GSM Credits by any purchaser.

If you have any questions, please email Team GSM.