GSMCON2024 Speaker Hub – Adding Polls

Why add a Poll to your session?

Polls are a powerful way for speakers like you to learn more about your audience and for GSMCON attendees to engage with sessions. All attendees (both in-person and virtual) will be able to take your session poll via our event app, Whova. You can choose to keep the results in the app, or you can even embed the poll in your slide deck in advance.

Adding a poll is completely optional! Please read on for how to use this feature.

How to add polls

Step 1: Open your speaker form

We’ll email you a link to your Whova speaker form (Sarah can also directly get you the URL if you don’t receive the email). Open this form.

Step 2: Create a poll

You’ll see a prompt to ‘Create a poll’. (Note: the form can be updated multiple times after pressing ‘save.’)

Step 3: Copy the link to display poll results (optional)

Do this step if you want to show the poll question and results on your slide deck during your session.

Step 4: Insert the link in your slide deck (optional)

This step shows you where to add the link in PowerPoint.

Example of a poll embedded in a PowerPoint:

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