Social Media Policy Even Your Agency Lawyer Might Not Know

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But, you can tell them! You may already know about the legal liabilities your agency — and you personally — can incur if you delete, hide, or block in a way that is inconsistent with the latest First Amendment caselaw. But, have you heard of these additional ways to protect both yourself and your agency in your policy? This high-energy session will walk through best legal practices for every section of your agency’s social media policy, including:

  • The phrases in your policy that a disgruntled commenter can use against you in court.
  • Specific words that federal caselaw says you can’t use in your policy.
  • How to convince your elected officials that deleting the social media comments they don’t like is likely to get them – and you – in serious legal trouble.
  • All the newest caselaw on what your policy should and shouldn’t say.
  • And much more!

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