GSMCON2022 Speaker Agreement

Thanks for your interest in presenting at our conference in Dallas, Texas! Here are the terms & conditions you’ll need to accept in order to be considered as a presenter at GSMCON2022. If selected as a presenter, you’ll need to sign a digital agreement with Government Social Media LLC (GSM) indicating that you read and accept these terms.

Speaking proposals will be reviewed by GSM and we’ll share this information with any advisors, staff members and third parties selected to review speaker proposals. If you’re selected as a presenter, the following will apply –

1. What We’ll Do

A. We’ll give you complimentary admission to participate in the 2022 in-person event at the All Access level. This complimentary admission is not transferable and does not include airfare, transportation or room nights.

B. We may promote your participation in our event using your speaker profile information on websites, social media, email, ads and other promotional materials.

C. We’ll provide you with an informative speaker hub that houses important speaker deadlines, session information, your downloadable slide deck, useful demographic information about the audience and more.

D. We may give you feedback and advice about the direction of your session and what may resonate best with our attendees.

2. What You Commit To

A. You will inform us prior to signing this agreement if you have any need or disability that will make it difficult or impossible to fulfill any of these terms, and let us know the assistance you require. We will do our best to accommodate requests.

B. You agree to amend your session title, description and general direction based on any feedback from GSM.

C. If you cannot host your in-person session or need to cancel for any reason, you will notify us as soon as possible and you will not receive complimentary admission. If you are able to notify us of your cancelation prior to March 1, 2022, we may be able to work with you to present virtually, and in return give you a complimentary All Access virtual ticket. You may recommend a replacement presenter, but you understand that GSM may or may not accept the replacement and may choose to cancel the session entirely or assign the topic to another speaker.

D. You must use the slide deck template provided by GSM. You’ll provide your final slide deck (may be in PDF format and any notes may be omitted) and any supporting materials such as handouts to us by Friday, March 18, 2022, to be saved with your session and accessible by participants. We’ll provide guidance on making your files accessible, including structure and alt text.

E. You must present from the provided conference laptop (it is a Windows laptop, NOT a Mac).

F. You’ll complete your speaker profile information within the timeframe requested, and you will respond to us in a timely manner with regard to scheduling, including your session time slot.

3. What You Need to Know About In-Person Sessions

A. Unless otherwise agreed upon directly with GSM, your session for the hybrid 2022 event will be held in-person at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The event is hybrid, so virtual participants may also watch online from anywhere in the world.

B. Most sessions will include around 30 minutes content and 15 minutes Q&A. Your total session time slot is 45 minutes.

C. In-person speakers will also have a livestream chat box for any virtual participants, which will be monitored by a helper and will be incorporated into the Q&A.

D. We may ask you to record a quick, 30-second promo clip for your session, which may be used for GSM promos and marketing.

4. What Our Content Standards Are

A. You will not hold GSM liable and release the company from any repercussions, liabilities or damages should any advice you offer be misconstrued, shared on the internet or anything else against our policies for participants.

B. You agree to be professional and courteous in your remarks and slides, and not to disparage, shame or ridicule any members of your team, agency or the public during your presentation or in other communications on the event platform.

C. You understand that participants are not allowed to record, repurpose sessions, or share them publicly – but due to the nature of hybrid events – you are solely responsible for the content of your session and you are advised not to disclose private, sensitive or damaging information. Screenshots or footage of direct messages from the public should have the profile name and picture blurred and identifying or personal information should not be shown.

D. In the event that you do not meet the deadlines established by GSM, requiring repeated follow-up, you understand that your session and participation may be canceled. No reimbursements will be made for any non-refundable expenses.

5. How We’ll Use Your Session & Materials

A. You agree that we may record your session and and place it and any supporting materials on the event platform for viewing by registered participants, including after the event. GSM may use your session recording or additional materials for other purposes such as marketing and may package it together with other sessions or content for sale and you grant GSM a copyright release to do so.

B. Your session recording and our slide deck template is for exclusive use by GSM and you are not permitted to repurpose it for any other purpose, including other events. You aren’t restricted from re-creating your content and topic area for other purposes, but your GSMCON session recording may only be used by GSM.

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