GSM Professional Association

$79.00 / year

Join the Government Social Media professional association, supporting employees and elected officials of government agencies across the United States. See our member benefits.

Members can have any job title — it’s not limited to social media manager — but must be actively employed full/part-time (not as contractor or consultant), or be an elected or appointed official, at any of the following entities within the United States of America, including their departments, agencies, boards and commissions:

  • City, town, township, municipality, borough, county, tribal
  • Special district (water, airport authority, sanitation, visitor’s bureau, port authority, utility services owned by government agencies, etc.)
  • Economic Development Corporation
  • Library: City, county, state or federal
  • Courts: Municipal, county, state or federal
  • Public safety entity: local or state
  • States, U.S. federal agencies, active duty U.S. military or civilian staff
  • Municipal league or association of cities or counties
  • Public entity insurance pools or exchanges, public employees retirement system or benefits authority
  • U.S.-based school or university
  • Paid interns at any of these entities

Important Information

Please note that memberships are not transferrable and no refunds will be given for cancelations. You may cancel your membership prior to your annual renewal. Your membership may be revoked if you sign up but are ineligible, so please reach out to us first if you’re not sure if you are eligible.